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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We're back... hoping to ramp up

Hello local lovers of science,

A recent outing with the Houston Secret Science Club to TX/RX Labs (a.k.a. Houston HackerSpace) prompted both renewed excitement about organizing science outings and optimism about getting collaborators for this site.

All we need are volunteers and groupies.

Volunteers to mine the big shared calendars (universities, convention & visitors' bureau, those links at right) for interesting events suitable for the public. Yes, some of this needs to be done by hand, but there's also a team that will be parsing pre-formatted calendars and publicity e-mails for automatic posting. Either way, contact me via "havlak" on Gmail.

Groupies to actually attend the events. The more the merrier. Other sites (such as the science club) will be places to organize events, with discussion and support for RSVPs.

This posting, by itself, isn't really the beginning of new life here. It's a sign that things aren't as dead as they seem, that the drought may be ending. With rain, and some cultivation on your part, a hundred outings may sprout.

More power to you all,


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